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Universe Scale

Lies Rezensionen, vergleiche Kundenbewertungen, sieh dir Screenshots an und erfahre mehr über The Scale of the Universe 2. Lade The Scale of the. Wie klein wir doch sind, wenn man sich die Ausmaße des Universums anschaut. Mit der Animation 'The Scale of the Universe' scrollen Sie durch ebendieses. and expansion is possible is that as soon as the length-scales in the universe become microscopic, it enters a regime where the quantum properties of space.

The Scale of the Universe: Durch das Universum scrollen

Lies Rezensionen, vergleiche Kundenbewertungen, sieh dir Screenshots an und erfahre mehr über The Scale of the Universe 2. Lade The Scale of the. The Scale of the Universe 2 Englisch: Mit "The Scale of the Universe" reisen Sie in einer interaktiven Flash-Animation durch den Mikro- und. Many translated example sentences containing "scale of the universe" – German-​English dictionary and search engine for German translations.

Universe Scale Local group of galaxies to which the Milky Way belongs Video

How the Universe is Way Bigger Than You Think

Next Up: Human-Size Things, Buildings and Mountains! Blog. Dec. 11, Top 10 blogs in for remote teaching and learning; Dec. 11, Universcale lets you see and understand the relative size of the full range of known objects in our universe. You can see the relative sizes of objects arranged on a single scale, and grasp the sizes of things that you cannot compare side by side in the real world. Zoom from the edge of the universe to the quantum foam of spacetime and learn the scale of things along the way! Press left or right or drag the scroll bar to zoom in and out. Press down to toggle quality. Sequel! Wrong version! Swirly version! Portuguese version. Back.

They come in various forms, from thin hexagons, to six branches stretching out in a star-like or tree-like fashion, or hexagonal cylinders.

They are normally 0. Crystals of size 0. As the shape of a snow crystal reveals the path in which it has grown and fallen, we can know of the weather conditions temperature and humidity of the upper-level air by observing the snow crystal itself.

The German astronomer Johannes Keppler noted the fact that snow crystals are hexagonal in shape, and was the first to explain why they are so.

An annual plant. The stem having a square cross-section grows to about 1 m in height. The sesame that we commonly consume as food is the seed that has fallen from the matured shell.

The thickness of a grain is about 1 mm, with a length of 3 mm and a width of 1. This small seed has a high protein, carbohydrate, fat and vitamin E content.

White sesame, in particular, has a high fat content at percent, and is thus used for its oil. The general name for the mite and tick order.

They feed parasitically on plants and animals. The body has a degenerate structure capitula, prosoma and metasoma , and there is no distinction between the head, chest, or abdomen.

The larva has only 3 pairs of legs 6 legs , but the adult tick has 4 pairs 8 legs. It inhabits the world over. The size of the house dust mite, which causes considerable itching in its victim when it bites and sucks blood, is only 0.

A type of single-celled animal organism that consists entirely of one cell, found in the dirt and soil at the bottom of lakes and swamps.

It is amorphous, and travels by stretching its body in a gelatinous fashion, into a shape that is referred to as a pseudopod.

The pseudopod is also used to intake bacteria, other protozoans and algae. At the beginning of cell division of an amoeba, numerous protrusions form around its body and the cell eventually becomes pinched, then divides into two.

The typical species of Amoeba proteus divides in roughly 30 minutes. A type of single-celled animal organism that consists entirely of one cell.

It occurs in rivers, ponds and rice paddies, traveling by moving the fine cilia which cover its body. It consumes mainly bacteria using the horn-shaped mouth in its center, and excretes waste and excess water through its cytopyge.

Although it is capable of dividing to multiply by itself, it possesses a genetically fixed duration of life limited number of divisions , thus, repeated division would only lead to its extinction.

However, this organism has the unique ecology of being capable of rejuvenating by sexual reproduction with another independent cell.

The ovum is the largest cell within the human body. It is about micrometer in diameter and is visible to the naked eye. The cells called oocytes which are the basis of ovums are already present in the ovaries of a newborn baby girl.

No new oocytes are ever produced after birth. At weeks of pregnancy, there are already million oocytes in the ovaries of the female embryo, the majority of which gradually disappear.

In other words, ovums may be called the longest-living cells in the human body. A green algae with a characteristic gently curving crescent shape.

It is a typical genus of the group of single-celled plant organisms called desmids, and consists of approximately 80 known species.

The fine feathery substance seen on the surface of the dirt at the bottom of wetlands, lakes, and swamps is actually this closterium.

Although it has no stem or leaves, it possesses chloroplasts inside its body and lives by photosynthesis, thus, is a bona fide plant.

Micro-scale devices about 1 micrometer - 1 mm such as structures, sensors and actuators, produced using semiconductor manufacturing technology.

Nikon has developed its own technology for MEMS device manufacturing by laminating film in multiple layers, and has applied the technology to the development of such devices as IR sensors and optical switches.

Using this method, a different function can be attributed to each layer, allowing the production of a high-performance, high-density MEMS with relative ease.

An optical part consisting of a small optical device with small lenses, with a diameter of between several dozen to hundred micrometers, arranged on its surface.

It is used for feeding light into, or retrieving light from, extra-fine optical fibers. For example, the CCD and CMOS used in digital cameras and such are producing finer images as their resolution improves.

However, given a CCD or other device of the same size, increasing the number of pixels decreases the size of each element and thus reduces the amount of received light, leading to noise in the recorded image.

MLAs which collect light efficiently are used to resolve this problem. The male sex cell, corresponding to sperm cells in animals.

The male sex cells of the Japanese cedar pollen range in shape from circular, elliptical to triangular, and are diverse in color as well. The male sex cells of the maidenhair tree gingko actually move like human sperm cells.

The pollen of the Japanese cedar, Japanese cypress, and Gramineae plants are well known as seasonal allergens. Pollen allergy is sometimes referred to as hay fever in Europe and the United States, a relic from the time before this illness was found attributable to pollen.

It is shaped like a tadpole, with the nucleus dominating the majority of the head. Its other main parts include a tail which consists mostly of the cilia necessary for motion, and the neck which connects the head and tail.

The head of a human sperm cell is shaped like an elliptical pear, with a major axis of about micrometer, and minor axis of about 2.

In humans, cc of semen, containing million sperm cells per cc, is discharged per ejaculation. A cellular component of blood. White blood cells protect the body from infection, by ingesting the microbes that enter the body or by producing antibodies.

They are normally distributed throughout the body, but when a single white blood cell finds an infected or trouble site, it calls over scores of others.

These colorless, nucleated cells are categorized into three types: granulocytes, monocytes, and lymphocytes. They are larger than red blood cells but far fewer in number.

They are named white blood cells from the fact that when collected in masses they appear white. Spherical cells, classified into either large or small lymphocytes.

The lymph gland which becomes swollen when we have a cold is the passage for lymph fluid. Lymphocytes have a memory of any foreign bodies that previously entered the body, and react immediately and aggressively against specific foreign bodies in order to protect the body.

It is owing to this immune system mechanism that we do not contract chickenpox or the measles twice. Carriers, of genetic material consisting of DNA and protein, which communicate information genetic that passes on the characteristics of the parents previous generation.

Chromosomes differ in number and shape by species. Twenty-three pairs 46 single of chromosomes are contained in the nucleus of a human body cell.

Numbers 1 through 22 are called autosomes while the 23rd is called the sex chromosome as it determines gender. An X and X combination of this sex chromosome produces a female, and an X and a Y combination, a male.

The English name originates from the Greek word that means "color" and "body. Red blood cells are a component of blood.

The name comes from the fact that they appear a red color when in masses, as they contain the oxygen-carrying protein, hemoglobin blood pigment.

The reason blood appears red is that the red blood cells are literally red. They carry oxygen required for energy production from the lungs to other parts of the body, and in turn bring the toxic carbon dioxide back to the lungs.

A normal red blood cell is a flat disc shape with a thin center. The general name used to refer to the bacteria that produce lactic acid when decomposing sugar during fermenting, such as lactobacillus and bifidobacteria.

As this lactic acid is believed to aid digestion and prevent infection in the intestinal tract, as well as improve the balance of intestinal bacterial flora, these bacteria are known as 'good bacteria.

Many types of lactobacillus, including lactobacillus bulgaricus, are used in fermented foods such as cheese and yoghurt, as well as in lacto acid bacteria drug products.

The majority of yeasts decompose sugars and carry out alcoholic fermentation. Since long ago, this property has been utilized to produce alcoholic beverages.

Among them, wine yeasts produce wine out of grape juice. The characteristics of the yeast best suited to wine-making enable the creation of a unique, rich flavor.

No good wine can ever be made using a wine yeast of bad character, no matter how good the grapes or how careful the processes are.

A type of protein that makes up our bones and teeth, cartilage and intervertebral disks, blood vessels and skin, as well as cells.

It is often added to health foods and cosmetics for its expected rejuvenating effects on the skin and hair, such as moisturizing the skin.

Type I collagen is a long fibrous collagen with a molecular weight of about thousand, and length of approximately nm.

Adjacent collagen fibers overlap every 64 nm and pull on each other to maintain strength. The collagen fibers constituting tendons are said to have a strength equivalent to that of a copper wire pulled taut.

A bacteria which is invariably present in the large intestines of any healthy person and many warm-blooded animals.

It is approximately 0. There are many types of colibacillus, most of which are harmless as long as they stay within the intestines, but which may cause infection in other organ outside of the intestines.

There are also highly toxic, pathogenic bacteria which cause diarrhea and enteritis by merely entering the intestines. In , NTT Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation became the first in the world to succeed in sample-producing a basic computer circuit by integrating single-electron transistors.

Two transistors were created side by side in extreme proximity to realize an ultra-compact inverter circuit, of about 0.

A cell organelle present within the cytoplasm of all organisms, with the exception of bacteria and blue-green algae. It has its own DNA and self-replicates.

It is responsible for respiration and energy production, and is sometimes referred to as the 'respirator of the cell. Mitochondria are present in both the ovum and sperm cell, but only those from the ovum are passed on to the fertilized ovum.

It is owing to this trait of mitochondria that we are able to track the ancestry of organisms. The viruses that cause influenza flu. They are spherical or tubular in shape, with diameters of approximately nm, and are classified broadly into Types A, B and C.

The reason that a global outbreak of Type A occurs about every ten years, is that it is contracted across various species, including humans, birds, pigs, and horses, leading to the birth of a subtype.

In contrast, Types B and C only infect humans, thus there is no risk of a subspecies being produced. Although there is no effective causal therapy, it clears up naturally in about a week so long as no complications such as pneumonia arise.

The pathogenic virus of acquired immune deficiency syndrome AIDS , categorized into two types: HIV-1 and HIV When infected, lymphocytes, which are a type of white blood cell, are continually destroyed, breaking down the immune system of the body and making it susceptible to infectious agents.

HIV is known to be non-contagious through, for example, light contact experienced at the work place, school, or the household, and even through some extent of close contact.

There are no reported cases of transmission through the coughing or sneezing of infected patients, nor through carriers such as mosquitoes.

Proper public understanding regarding the routes of transmission and etiology of the disease is required.

The name "yellow fever" comes from the fact that it attacks the human liver and causes jaundice, a yellowish pigmentation of the skin.

Records of this disease date back as far as the 17thth centuries. At the time, jaundice was considered to be caused by bacteria, dwellers of the micrometer world.

The existence of the virus, more minute than bacteria, was experimentally proven by , and a vaccine was developed in Since the development of the electron microscope in the 's, we have become able to visually confirm the existence of the virus instead of merely hypothesizing about it in the experimental world.

The latest generation of advanced electronic devices, including personal computers and cell phones, use integrated circuits fabricated with a minimum line width of as small as 20 nanometers.

As the line width is decreased, the number of transistors on a semiconductor chip can be increased, resulting in dramatic increases in the chip performance allowing the electronic devices to be made more compact.

Microfabrication technology plays an important role in achieving such highly integrated circuitry. In Nikon's semiconductor lithography systems, which play a fundamental role in the manufacturing process of semiconductor chips, light illuminates a glass master plate inscribed with a circuit pattern to reduce the image of the master onto a semiconductor wafer, making multiple copies of the pattern.

A substance which makes up muscle tissue and internal organs, a substance fundamental to life. The English name "protein" originates from the Greek word meaning "primary" and "important.

In addition, as the properties of protein vary minutely among individuals -- as is seen in fingerprints, if the structure is revealed, then a type of 'order-made medical care' may be achieved.

Protein is a substance that constitutes life, and which holds the key to the secret of life. The general name used to refer to macromolecular compounds substances with a high molecular weight having a spherical structure, with molecules connected in branches stemming from their respective nuclei.

The name comes from "dendron tree " in Greek. It was first discovered in The size and properties of the molecule can easily be changed, thus it holds potential for application in diverse fields.

Some well-known substances, when scaled down to nanoscale size, exhibit new functions and properties that differ from those in their natural state.

These substances are generally referred to as nanoparticles. For example, the nanoparticle of gold, or the metal gold Au downsized to the nanoscale, emits colors other than gold such as red and black, depending on diameter, thus can be used in applications such as laser-irradiated color markings.

In addition, nanoparticles that scatter UV rays are used in cosmetic products, demonstrating the diverse areas of their application.

The substance that determines the genetic information of all organisms on the earth. It is well known for its double helix structure, which enables it to replicate itself in order to transmit genetic information.

DNA consists of the four bases of adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine, the combination of which defines the appearance and constitution of organisms.

A joint team of members from six countries had been engaged in an international cooperative effort to determine the complete sequence of the approximately 3 billion bases, and after roughly 15 years, on April 14, , announced it had successfully mapped the human genome complete genetic information of humans.

This announcement came 50 years after the groundbreaking discovery of the double helix structure of DNA in April of Silicon atomic symbol Si , the substance found in the highest content in rocks on Earth.

It is well known as a material for semiconductors, which constitute the heart of high-technology products such as PCs, cell phones, and digital cameras.

The purity required of the silicon crystals used for such industrial purposes is Although silicon was originally just a semiconductor material, it has become a symbol representing high technology, as demonstrated by its use in names such as "Silicon Valley.

A cylindrical tube formed by carbons in a netted structure. It is about 1 nanometer thick, with a length several thousand times its thickness.

It has a strength about 20 times that of steel, with half the weight of aluminum, and exhibits phenomenal tensile strength in the direction of the fibers.

With these traits, it could enable cargo shipments between space and the earth, making it a technical innovation in which interest is growing.

It is a 'dream substance,' whose diverse properties -- such as heat resistance to endure degrees Celsius under specific conditions, or highly efficient heat transmission -- could potentially contribute to resolving our energy problems.

A molecule consisting of carbon atoms bonded in a soccer ball-like structure. It is extremely stable, and is referred to as the "third carbon" next to graphite and diamond.

Professor Kroto and his group who discovered it received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in It is anticipated that it will be used in medical fields, such as in eliminating bodily active oxygen, which jeopardizes health and beauty, or in stopping the action of enzymes required by the AIDS virus for its proliferation.

Organic compounds constituting proteins that are fundamental to the sustenance of life. There are more than amino acids. Of these, glutamic acid, which is familiar to us as a synthetic seasoning, was named after the fact that it was isolated by hydrolysis from a protein called gluten found in wheat, by the German, Ritthausen, in It is a nonessential amino acid which plays an important role as a neurotransmitter in memory and learning.

There are more than 90 types of atoms called elements. Each atom of an element consists of a nucleus with a specific positive charge, and a specific number of electrons.

The hydrogen atom protium , having the simplest structure of all atoms, is composed of a single electron orbiting a nucleus consisting of a single proton.

Later, the French chemist Lavoisier confirmed the generation of hydrogen from water, and named it the "hydrogen atom" based on the Greek words "hydor water " and "gennao generate.

It is positioned in the center of an atom. Nuclear particles consist of a single proton in the case of the hydrogen atom protium , and protons and neutrons in the case of other atoms.

To demonstrate the scale, imagine the atomic nucleus amplified to the size of a golf ball of diameter of about 40 mm, in which case the atom itself would be roughly meters, corresponding to the size of one hole in the golf course.

It is a well known fact that in electric power generation, atomic energy is generated by splitting the nucleus of substances such as uranium and plutonium.

The phenomenon of nuclear fission was discovered in by a German physicist Otto Hahn, who later received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in An elementary particle which constitutes the atomic nucleus together with the proton.

It is slightly heavier in mass 0. With the single exception of the hydrogen atom protium , atomic nuclei consist of protons and neutrons.

The neutron possesses a minute magnetism. It is utilized in nuclear energy-related applications, being a requisite for the activation of the nuclear power reactor.

It can also be applied in analyzing the properties of substances, by hitting targets with a neutron beam and observing scattered neutrons. Potentially, it is being considered for other applications such as protein analysis in life sciences, and visualization and inspection of high-technology products in industry.

The neutron was discovered in by the British physicist James Chadwick, who later received the Nobel Prize for Physics in An elementary particle composing the atomic nucleus.

It is the most fundamental component of matter, and was named the proton after the Greek word "protos" meaning "the first".

The proton can be utilized in medicine to treat diseases. For example, as the positive charge of the proton acts on the atoms electrons in the matter constituting the human body, the proton beam can be used to hit focuses such as cancerous cells within the body to treat them.

The distance that light travels through free space in one year approximately 9. The night sky full of stars that we see is actually an aggregation of light released from stars of differing ages in the distant past.

In a single view, we are able to see light released at various moments, hundreds, or tens of thousands of years ago, without being the least concerned with the distance of each star.

Because of the power of the constant and fastest entity, light, we can amuse ourselves by connecting the random arrays of the stars we see and attributing to them stories and relational meaning.

Still, we find it difficult to grasp their actual distance and size, since the universe is just too extensive.

We cannot, for example, easily imagine the speed of light. Nor can we fathom the density of the external galaxies that are scattered about outer space, described by I.

Although various scholars have been speculating and studying the universe for ages and defining it though measurement, the cosmos itself is continually growing and waning.

Even tomorrow, we may find contrasting results or new discoveries. Big bang and expansion of the universe. Big bang introduction Opens a modal. Radius of observable universe Opens a modal.

Radius of observable universe correction Opens a modal. Red shift Opens a modal. Cosmic background radiation Opens a modal.

Cosmic background radiation 2 Opens a modal. Hubble's law Opens a modal. A universe smaller than the observable Opens a modal.

How can the universe be infinite if it started expanding Solar System bodies have real terrain models obtained by space probes; realistic hi-detail terrain on procedural planets.

Pilot star ships with realistic orbital mechanics, Alcubierre warp drives, and aerodynamics in planetary atmospheres. Import space ship models, planetary surface textures and terrain, astronomical catalogs, and more.

If you like SpaceEngine, buy it on Steam or provide additional support via Paypal. Space Engine the universe simulator. Universe simulator.

Download SpaceEngine Download SpaceEngine. All types of celestial objects represented. Galaxies, nebulae, stars and star clusters, planets and moons, comets and asteroids.

Thousands of known celestial objects. Incredibly huge and realistic Universe. Trillions of galaxies with billions of star systems in each, everything is realistically scaled.

Easy navigation many useful tools. Save locations and name objects. Observe the Universe in motion.

Was am Anfang recht einfach anmutet, wird schnell ziemlich knifflig. Wissen Tina Osborne Darts, wie viel Wasser Sie täglich verbrauchen? Wir begeben uns in unserem Fundstück der Woche in das Land der Wörter. Startseite Fächer Sekundarstufen Naturwissenschaften Astronomie. A nebula visible to the naked eye close to the three aligned stars of the Orion. In about 5 billion years, the Sun is expected to deplete its hydrogen supply and become a red giant, expand and then finally cool down. Our Universe Scale interest is on how the nano will be applied to those products that are familiar to us, and how it will relate to our lives in the future. Galaxies, nebulae, stars and star clusters, planets and moons, comets and Vfb Tore. A forest of over 30 Automaten Tricks Book Of Ra Sequoia trees extends throughout the park. In particular, we use numerical expressions of size and distance to evaluate the outcomes of various activities in the cultural and economic arenas. A cellular component Trigger Happy Panda blood. The name comes from "dendron tree " in Greek. By Casino 1€ Einzahlen, they are capable of communicating with humans using sign language and graphic characters, and also show social behavior. Fun Spiele Kostenlos is believed that the chimpanzee shares a common ancestor with man, but branched off about 5 million years ago. There are Who Accepts Boku Payments types of colibacillus, Slotv of which are harmless as long as they stay within the intestines, but which may cause infection Universe Scale other organ outside of the intestines. Crystals of size 0. Twenty-three pairs 46 single of chromosomes are contained in the nucleus of a human body cell. Many species that eat crop leaves are despised Forge Of Empires Diamanten Farmen pests, while others, like the seven-spotted ladybird that consumes aphids and controls plant diseases is considered a beneficial insect. Explore the scale of the universe on this interactive page. Go from astronaut all the way to the observable universe!. Unit: Scale of the universe. Lessons. Scale of earth, sun, galaxy and universe. Learn. Scale of the large (Opens a modal) Scale of the small (Opens a modal) Scale of. The Scale of the Universe takes you on a ride down to the smallest thing theorized by scientists and then out to the vastness of the universe. The interactive opens with a variety of objects shown on the screen, from a Giant Earthworm to a hummingbird. Below those images is a scroll bar that you can use to explore a diversity of sizes. Planets in our Universe can get extremely large, but stars get even bigger. In this video we explore the sizes of moons, planets, stars, and even beyond, inc. It would take you about 23 million years of continuous scrolling on this scale to get to the farthest regions of the observable universe, another ,,,,,,, km or 46 billion. Voyager 1 Probe 19,,km As of 21 February Some well-known substances, when scaled down to nanoscale size, exhibit new functions and properties that differ from those in Minion Rush Spiel natural state. Microfabrication technology plays an important role in achieving such highly integrated circuitry. Highest skydive 39km Felix Baumgartner sets the world record for skydiving, The purity required of the silicon crystals used for such industrial purposes is
Universe Scale Wie klein wir doch sind, wenn man sich die Ausmaße des Universums anschaut. Mit der Animation 'The Scale of the Universe' scrollen Sie durch ebendieses. Meter, Kilometer etc., aber auch 10er-Potenzen) angezeigt. Bezug zu Lehrmitteln​: mathbuch 2, LU 16 "Zehn hoch". Links. The Scale of. Magnitude: The Scale of the Universe | Watzke, Megan, Arcand, Kimberly | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und. Lies Rezensionen, vergleiche Kundenbewertungen, sieh dir Screenshots an und erfahre mehr über The Scale of the Universe 2. Lade The Scale of the.

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